Equinox – a haiku string



autumn breezes
through my open window
another day of hoping

a still evening—
teenagers out, we decide
on skinny-dipping

these first golden stars
fallen to the gutter

our unmade bed
coiled with serpents
of regret

morning birdsong—
light creeps through
grey foliage

enamelled flowers
pinned to black velvet—
her long ago spring

lifting cloud
lit from beneath
by a tangerine sun

 Julie Thorndyke


have you not learned
tomorrow comes, regardless?
lie with me, my love
and dream
on this shared pillow

GUSTS #21 2015

more fragrant
than spring flowers, the scent
of my lover’s arms—
lingering this morning
in a mist of autumn dreams

GUSTS #21 2015

for a moment,
a snatch of song
I almost remember…
somewhere, in my memory
also the press of your skin

GUSTS #21 2015

© Julie Thorndyke 2015. All rights reserved.