Book Reviews

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I’ve been reading and handling books all my life.

As a reader, a librarian, and a writer . . . and now, I am often asked to review books. I’m going to post some of the reviews below, in case you are interested in my thoughts.

Hope you find something to interest you!

Reviews of books for children

All ABout Graphs (Maths Mutts 1)

Nine Worlds in Nine Nights

Story Time Stars

Goodnight, Little Tough Guy

100 Ways to Fly

Kisses in Your Heart

Up to Something

Grandpa’s Noises

How to Make Friends with the Dark

Around the Globe with Gramps

The Book Chook

Unpacking Harper Holt 

The Incurable Imagination

The World of Ruby Red Shoes

In the Bush I See

The Dog with Seven Names

Princess Hayley’s Comet

The Dodo Made Me Do It

Flying Tips For Flightless Birds

DC Comics: absolutely everything you need to know

Open Road Summer

My Storee

The Preposterous Frog

My Two Blankets