plantation shutters—
my life takes on
a new slant

monday morning–
cockroach in my coffee cup
welcomes me to work

breakfast scuffle—
on the roof  a python
snags a pigeon

autumn dusk —
a fine layer of mist
over the cricket pitch

first published in The Heron’s Nest Volume XI, Number 3: September, 2009.

funnel web –
the sudden urge
to stomp

first published in 4th Haiku Pacific Rim Conference, September 2009 Second Place in Ginko ; also Famous Reporter 44: December 2012 

© Julie Thorndyke

3 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. Love Haiku Julie. Leigh & Kate are friends and we belong to the same writers’ group. Leigh recommended that I link up with you as I love Haiku and am currently attempting to write a picture book, mostly using Haiku. I’m being mentored by Aleesah Darlison. It’s a challenging project but I’m enjoying the journey.

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